Please download and add the following 4 files to the windows certificate store to send us encrypted emails through S/MIME:

(1) pisacane_ca.cer
- valid from Jun/06/2018 to Nov/22/2045

(2) pisacane_ca_inter.cer
- valid from Jun/06/2018 to Nov/22/2045

(3) request_pisacane.com.cer -> request@pisacane.com
- valid from Jun/06/2018 to Nov/22/2045

(4) recruiting_pisacane.com.cer -> recruiting@pisacane.com
- valid from Jun/06/2018 to Nov/22/2045


How to find the S/Mime-settings in Outlook 2013:

Outlook -> File tab -> Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings -> Email Security -> Settings - to import your default S/MIME Settings. Make sure your settings are selected in the "Security Settings Name" list -> o.k.


For any further mail exchange with an individual Pisacane team member, the required public key of the researcher in charge will be provided with the reply.


Confidentiality is the fundamental principle of our corporate philosophy. 


For a secured and safer e-mail exchange with our long-term clients, Pisacane supports the e-mail encrypting system S/MIME. By this system every Pisacane e-mail address has a unique public and a private key/certification. This makes it extremely difficult for third parties to access the contents of the e-mail communication.


Disclaimer and limitations of liability

Unless otherwise explicitly regulated in an applicable agreement with a relying party and/or a subscriber, liability for material defects and defects of title and all liability of Pisacane issuing CA(s) regarding the creation, use, validity, suitability or correctness of Pisacane certificates, including the identity of a person stated in a Pisacane certificate or their authority to represent Pisacane is excluded except in cases of intent or gross negligence.