Our Core Team


  • You can rely on Pisacane to assign a highly-skilled team with an academic background reflecting your specific requirements
  • Our teamwork in close cooperation with the client enables us to provide tailor-made research solutions and ensure high quality
  • We are flexible, non-bureaucratic and can prioritize under high pressure

"Acknowledging the value of each individual member of our international team is the key to supplying the high-quality insights our clients expect."
"With my international experience and a degree in International Business I am equipped with the right toolset to successfully handle customer-specific research topics."
"As a result-oriented person with a background in chemical engineering, I love to combine technical knowledge and strategic thinking."
"Working at Pisacane is like a box of chocolates. Highly diverse projects, bring me the possibility to always learn something new and interesting, while at the same time help clients to turn their business ideas into actions."
"My international background helps me to gain insights into the business world of tomorrow while working on supplier screenings or desk research."
"My in-depth experience within supplier screening practice enables me and my teams to identify the best suppliers and to get the most competitive prices for complex products in the shortest timeframe."
"Working in our dynamic research team allows me to constantly apply my business and Portuguese language skills with a special focus on international desk research projects."
"At Pisacane I can fully leverage on my American-German background plus my Chinese and French language skills to find the right words when interviewing experts from all over the world."
"My passion for market research and my persistence enable me to dive deep no matter the scope of the particular request."
"My international work experience along with my Finnish background give me the perspective to succeed with the diverse research tasks at Pisacane. I am the team's go-to-person when it comes to Africa-related topics."
"Seeing the bigger picture on an international level and still having an eye on details is my fascination and motivation for working at Pisacane."
"Pisacane is a place where one merges their international and professional backgrounds perfectly, while at the same time it allows you to grow."
"As former German Ladies Champion of the boardgame Go I like to apply my strategic thinking to in-depth business analysis, especially in China, due to my Chinese language skills."
"It is the international environment that excites me most as I grew up with two cultures – German and Polish – and have worked in Africa for two years."
"What I find fascinating about our work? There is no innovation without information and there is no information without communication!"
"Working at Pisacane taught me how to efficiently obtain various types of strategic information using different approaches while also essentially improving my soft skills."
"My native Korean language skills help me to deep dive into complex and dynamic business projects in Supplier Screening and I enjoy every single different daily challenge."
"My insights from my Master studies in Economics & Finance and my fluency in Russian and Ukrainian help me to provide meaningful output to various complex topics often also within a single day."
-Yaroslava -
"My academic and professional journeys in Taiwan, Ukraine and the USA allowed me to develop a global mindset and apply my skills in communicating with experts worldwide in five languages."
"As an Economist who has worked abroad, I enjoy working on challenging projects with such a diverse team of curious people."
"Having grown up in an international environment, it is the multicultural team at Pisacane and the dynamic workflow that makes it exciting to work here."
"My interdisciplinary education works great in this international environment. The projects give me the opportunity to get interesting insights in different industries all over the world."
"Working at Pisacane, I am able to make use of my knowledge of different languages and international background to tackle various interesting projects. I really enjoy the diversity of cultures in the office."
"My background as an economist and work experience in government and international cooperation in Indonesia and abroad help me provide meaningful output to our clients and add to the diversity of the team."
"After gaining working and studying experience abroad, I am happy to work with a diverse team on challenging projects which incorporate different aspects of my international business studies and background."
"I like to be challenged by in-depth desk research and analytical tasks - gaining insights in a great variety of industries."
"My studies in International Business and Marketing Management allow me to contribute to global supply chain projects with strategic thinking. Moreover, it is exciting to work in a multicultural company."
"What the most rewarding part of my work is? Passionately tackling individual research challenges and designing best-practice approaches in close cooperation with highly diverse and demanding international clients."
"As a professional with an MBA background, my skills and competencies are continuously being developed here at Pisacane. I am glad to be a part of a team that is client-oriented, multi-cultural, results-oriented, and upholds the value of true business ethics."
"Having studied Economics in Italy and Germany alongside my Italian and Romanian background allow me to tackle diverse projects and help our international clients find the best solutions."
"My experience in the field of artificial intelligence and digitization enables me to support our global clients on often tricky IT projects."
"What motivates me every day anew at Pisacane? The intelligence, inspiration and internationality of the people I work with and the relevance of the challenges we tackle as a team."
"Being part of a dynamic organization, I have the opportunity to go beyond my capabilities, tackling challenges effectively each step of the way"
"Being part of a multi-cultural, result oriented and multidisciplinary team is the perfect working environment for me. I can concretely use the market research skills I acquired in France and Latin America, as well as my knowledge of French, English and Portuguese."
"My international education and work experience, particularly in US politics and the public sector, allow me to leverage effectual and relevant research in these—and other—fields."
"The dynamic work environment and diverse projects at Pisacane enables me to leverage my background in international political economy and gain insights into developing trends in various markets."
"The dynamic environment at Pisacane gives me the perfect opportunity to use my background in international management and business analysis while developing new skills in every project."
"Applying my previous experience in international trade and purchasing into supplier screening projects has broadened my understanding of global supply chains and enriched my communication skills in different languages."
"As part of the desk research team I enjoy helping our clients with insights while observing how different markets develop. Having a Hungarian background with 7 years of study- and work experience in the Netherlands, I am also always ready to leverage my language skills for the best results."
"Being able to communicate in 5 languages allows me to be in a daily dialog with a wide variety of cultures and industries, with a quick and efficient approach in identifying and researching the most appropriate and relevant sources."
"After the great experience of living in Spain and Hungary, I now enjoy internationality every day at work. One step through the office door and I find myself in a completely multicultural atmosphere -this is really an exciting and exceptional working environment."
"With my interest in IT and background in Business, I learn something new every day here. Pisacane’s international team makes the workplace a dynamic environment."